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Campaign Development for Faithgateway

Campaign Development for Faithgateway

As a content marketing manager at HarperCollins, I created marketing strategy for campaigns with the goal of selling more books direct to consumers through the eCommerce platform, Faithgateway.

To increase sales of a newly updated title, The Heart of the Bible by John MacArthur, we used a promotion strategy called “free with purchase.” Upon purchase of the book, a customer would receive 52 scripture memorization cards for free in their email inbox. The key here was to make sure the free offer was something the audience would want and the paid product was something the audience would need.

We were successful with the pairing on this campaign, with the landing page resulting in a 35% conversion rate over the duration of the campaign. Of the 19,883 people who visited the campaign landing page, 2,613 completed their purchase and received the free download resulting in more than $43,000 in revenue for Faithgateway within one month*.

We used a combination of digital marketing tactics to achieve these results:

  • Email marketing and cross promotion between email lists
  • Facebook / Instagram advertising
  • Organic social media posting

*Please note that Faithgateway has a large email list, which the business has been building for more than a decade. They also have a strong social media following and great brand recognition among their target audiences.

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