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Small Business Marketing Services

Content Marketing

We specialize in creating original content, editing your existing content, and personalizing content for your end users – whether they are readers, viewers, or speakers. From ebooks, blog posts, and presentations to sales letters, emails, and social posts, we perfect positioning of your product/service.


Boost your authority and build influence with existing and new customers. We can help you share your unique perspective by ghostwriting articles, books, and more. Many clients have used my ghostwriting services to acquire new clients.

Sales Copywriting

Emotion drives all purchases. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about hair brushes or dental tools. We discover what makes your buyers tick and craft copy that positions you as the best solution to their problems.

Email Copywriting

We work with you to build an email marketing strategy that not only aligns with business objectives but also fosters authenticity and trust around your brand.

Website Design & Copywriting

Your website is the foundation of your business. So what you write and how you write it impacts your overall sales success. But that’s not all, your content also has to be comprehensible for both search engines and humans. That means you need a marketing partner who understands that SEO is as important as ever to your content marketing strategy.

Facebook Ad Creation & Management

From targeting setup and budget optimization to ad copy and visual creative, we assist you in the strategy and execution of Facebook Ad campaigns.

Google Adwords Creation & Management

How do you master the Google algorithm and get more clicks to your site with Google Adwords? It’s not as difficult as some make it out to be! We provide account consultations and execution services.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Any marketing strategy requires constant review in order to achieve maximum results. We will help you shift your marketing strategy based on shifting sales goals or changing business operations.