Make Me a Marketer - marketing coaching for small business owners and rural entrepreneurs - Marketing By Gabby
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Make Me a Marketer – marketing coaching for small business owners and rural entrepreneurs

Promote your small town business like a Fortune 500 company

Do you believe?

  • You can’t land big clients or more customers because you live too far from a big city.
  • You can’t sell your product or service for top dollar because people in your town can’t afford it.
  • There’s no point to marketing your business because “everyone” in your area already knows about you.

Here are the facts:

  • The right people will pay you for your work; they just need to know who you are and what you’re all about.
  • People in your town will pay you what you deserve; you just might have to repackage what you’re selling. 
  • “Everyone” knows about Coca-Cola, but they’re still running ads.

Don’t sell your business short in your small town.

Learn how to systemize your marketing like the big guys and start making what you’re worth.

Introducing Make Me a Marketer

Hi 👋 My name is Gabrielle Hundley and I’m the founder and chief marketing strategist at Marketing By Gabby, a boutique marketing agency devoted to helping small business owners reach large audiences without burning out faster than the tires on a teenager’s first car.

I learned how to start, finish, and track marketing campaigns by working inside some of the most demanding marketing agencies and with dozens of small business clients and big corporations. 

I believe their systems shouldn’t be kept secret. You may be a one-person show, but you’re just as capable of using the same tools, possessing the same skills, and experiencing the same success as the head honchos. 

My mission with Make Me a Marketer is to lift the veil on the marketing underbelly of corporate America. You’re going to learn how to build a marketing plan + campaign and you won’t even need to hire clueless college grads or sit through mind-numbing meetings to do it!

Here’s how it works:

During this program, you and up to 14 other small business owners will meet with me virtually every Wednesday night for 7 weeks to get your marketing in order. 

By the end of the program, you’ll have a marketing system that automatically brings you new customers. Plus, you’ll gain analytical skills so you can figure out how to tweak your marketing so it can perform even better.

The best part? The only maintenance your system will require is sharing social media posts and setting up the occasional ad—when you really want to drum up a lot of business

What Past Students Got From This Program

“Gabby’s lead magnet recommendations alone were worth the cost of the program!”

Ken Eash, Empowering Forward Momentum

Take a Sneak Peek at the Lesson Plan

  • Learn the difference between goals, strategies, and tactics and how each can guide you towards an optimal business
  • Discover how to set marketing goals you can actually track so you know whether a specific tactic was successful or not
  • Become a pro at only biting off as much as you can chew when it comes to your marketing efforts–I’ll teach you to strive for quality, not quantity!
  • Understand the two different types of offers every single business needs to keep a continuous flow of customers
  • Develop your own free or paid offer under the guidance of a marketing professional (i.e. me!) and get feedback on how to make your offer irresistible
  • Gain new tools for communicating the features and benefits of your offer so promotion of it will be a breeze
  • Connect Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager to your website so you can begin tracking important data
  • Become well-versed in using URL parameters to make data collection clear and simple
  • You only need to know 4 views in Google Analytics to start making changes to your marketing campaigns and making a difference in your marketing strategy
  • Why you need to have free offers (a.k.a. lead magnets) if you want to grow your business
  • How your free offers should relate to your paid offers
  • Strategies for adding value and revenue to your paid offers (a.k.a. the products and services people pay you for)
  • Develop your first *successful* free offer and design a high-converting landing page for collecting leads from it
  • Evaluate the differences between popular email marketing tools and choose the one that works best for your context
  • Design an automated email sequence to be triggered after someone submits their email to receive your free offer–once this is set up, you’ll never have to touch it again unless you want to improve it!
  • Create a plan for emailing your list consistently with new information and promotions
  • Decide how to represent your brand on social media
  • Choose a list of topics to always share about
  • Learn 7 possible social media angles to keep your posts interesting, aesthetic and impactful
  • Discover the qualities of a successful ad, from the kind of content that converts to the captions, headlines and descriptions people will actually read
  • When your ad doesn’t land, don’t give up! Search for the reasons why it isn’t converting
  • See what the pros look for in their data to diagnose a low-performing ad
  • Realize how small changes can make big differences on your campaign’s success
  • Become comfortable with testing ad concepts and elements until you crack the proverbial marketing code!

This marketing coaching program is different (in a GOOD way)

Build your WHOLE marketing funnel with instruction and guidance

Other programs only show you one piece of the marketing puzzle. They’ll teach you about email marketing or social media or website design, but then you’re still left to figure out how all of the pieces work together. Isn’t that like trying to ride a bicycle when you only have the frame? What good is one part without the others? I’ll help you plan and design a top to bottom marketing system.

Other programs 🤨
Make Me a Marketer 👍👍

Follow-through on a marketing plan for the first time ever

If you’re at your wit’s end with lowering your prices to land new clients or customers, you need a marketing strategy that works in your favor.

But not just any marketing strategy will do. You need a personalized marketing strategy that accounts for: 

  • Your time – How can you streamline your marketing tasks? 
  • Your audience – Is it possible to serve local and regional or national customers?
  • Your interests – Can you really find joy in the process of marketing your business?

Marketing doesn’t have to be a necessary evil of running your business. It can be an inspiring, creative, and effective method of launching your business into its next phase of growth! 

Let me guide you through the creation of a marketing strategy that will fit into your life, your business, and your heart. 

Equal parts strategy and implementation, Make Me a Marketer will leave you with a fully-functioning system for capturing new customers and closing sales as well as a plan for keeping the results coming even after class ends.

Be as proud about not needing a marketing team as Beyonce was about not needing a man!

You, After Make Me a Marketer


Save your spot for Make Me a Marketer! Our Winter 2023 Cohort launches on 2/1 at 6 p.m. CT.

For less than $35 a week for 7 weeks, you’ll get…

  • Guidance for structuring more effective paid and free offers
  • A closer look at your audience and where you can find it
  • A full marketing funnel that can work for you on autopilot
  • A resource you can use to attract new clients and customers to your business
  • Knowledge and tools for measuring the success of your marketing
  • A personalized marketing plan that fits your business, your interests, and your life
  • Feedback delivered via a private Facebook Group
  • And more!