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Freelance content marketing services and strategy for B2B and B2C companies who want a reliable, accurate, and results-oriented promotion partner.
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Run your small town business or promote it?

You don’t have to choose!

We share simplified and sustainable marketing strategies with local business owners.

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Get excited about marketing again

Feel more connected to your customers than ever

Be proud of the image your business sends to others

What’s keeping you from promoting your small town business?

  • Do you know you need a marketing plan but are unsure where to start?

  • Are you constantly searching for the right tools to make marketing easier on you?

  • Do you have a fear of trying new messaging or structuring new offers?

  • Are you uncomfortable with putting your business and yourself out there?

Work with a marketing coach on your next campaign

Hi, I’m Gabrielle Hundley and I am the founder and marketing coach at Marketing by Gabby, a boutique marketing agency devoted to helping small business owners reach large audiences without sacrificing their sanity. I understand the challenges of promoting your business or yourself without the time, budget, or resources you need and my agency has relied on creativity and analytical skills to overcome these limitations for many clients.

The more you learn, the more successful we are

Our purpose at Marketing By Gabby is to develop a community of small business owners who can manage an effective marketing strategy and communicate it to others as they scale. I’ve been teaching small business owners how to properly promote their business for 8 years by simplifying, systemizing, and personalizing their marketing tools and systems. 


Two ways we will grow your business

Custom Marketing Plan & Execution

Great for individuals and businesses who have a specific marketing need or a campaign to launch. If you don’t have an effective marketing funnel for turning leads into customers, this service allows us to setup a system and manage it FOR you…seriously!

Marketing Coaching

If you’re interested in learning how we do what we do so you can apply it to your own business, we recommend marketing coaching. This 7-week program can be done 1-on-1 with our founder Gabrielle or with a small cohort of other small business owners. Either way, you or a team member you’d like to train will build a marketing system for your business and gain knowledge for managing it successfully!

Here’s how we make marketing easier for you

We identify opportunities to streamline your marketing funnel and share knowledge that will remain relevant forever.
We systemize your marketing plan based on the resources you have including time and money.
We personalize your marketing based on your interests so you’ll stay motivated to practice what you’ve learned with us.
Discover exactly how we can fill the marketing gaps within your small business.



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