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Email Marketing for Leadership Essentials

Email Marketing for Leadership Essentials

For nearly three years, I co-managed the email marketing program for Leadership Essentials.

Myself and a team of directors spearheaded the development of Leadership Essentials in 2019. It was designed to be a direct-to-consumer brand to sell books from the HarperCollins Leadership imprint independent of Amazon.

Serving in a content manager role, I was responsible for increasing book and eCourse sales through the email marketing channel. I was responsible for up to 3 emails per week that varied in format from newsletter to promotional.

The strategy for the newsletter emails was to focus on sharing one blog post with a call-to-action to read the full post on the Leadership Essentials website. On the blog post, there would be an upsell to the book. At the end of the email, I typically included an upsell to the book as well.

I also tested different formats, including a more narrative sales letter for books.

Here are some examples:

During my time working with HarperCollins Leadership Essentials, email was a reliably profitable channel for the business, second to Facebook advertising. Email list subscribers increased from 75K to 117K.

We increased our email list by 20,000 during a single campaign. Working closely with author Dave Hollis, I managed and implemented all aspects of the campaign from the development of creative assets and copywriting to landing page design and social media planning and promotion.

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